Tracking you

Tracking you

Although most of us are aware that our cell phones, GPS devices, laptops, netbooks and the like offer a glimpse into who and often where we are but just how much information is recorded about us. In addition to "cookies" being added to your devices to determine your demographic, spending habits, hobbies, interests and anything useful to advertisers your cell phone provider may be giving even more information. For those of you who cannot live without your Blackberry, iPhone or Droid be aware that every 7 seconds your cellular company sends a signal to determine where you will receive the best reception. The answer is recorded. In case you missed that, every 7 seconds your location is being recorded. This is in addition to the existing record of your texts, calls, internet usage and the like. Unless you plan to give up your phone there is nothing you can do to fight this as it is perfectly legal for your cellular provider to continue to strive to improve their service to you. Just remember that if you are accused of criminal activity these records are readily available now to prove your whereabouts and it is only a matter of time until they become common discovery in criminal proceedings.

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