New Jersey DUI/DWI Penalties

New Jersey DUI/DWI Penalties

The weathermen are currently forecasting what is likely to be our last snow of the year. As warm as this winter has been spring is already on our minds here in NJ. We’re thinking of spring break, the shore, barbeques, graduations, Memorial Day and relaxing. For many that may mean having a few drinks during the fun. Unfortunately, what starts out as fun can end in a big problem, especially if you get caught driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs on your way home.
Penalties in New Jersey for DUI include possible jail time, loss of license, ignition interlock device, community service, fines, fees, surcharges and evaluation at a drug and alcohol education program.
If you are caught driving in NJ with a blood alcohol content (BAC) of .10% or greater, a first offense includes 7-12 months loss of license, $1775-1975 in financial costs, up to 30 days in jail, 12-48 hours in IDRC, interlock device during suspension and for 6-12 months after for certain BAC levels. If your BAC is between .08% and .10% for a first offense the penalties include 3 month loss of license, $1725-1875 in monetary costs, up to 30 days in jail and 12-48 hours in IDRC.
For second offenses the license loss is 2 years, fines and costs are greater, jail is 2-90 days and the interlock device is required for 1-3 years. For third DUI/DWI offenses in NJ the loss of license is 10 years, fines and costs are over $5,000, the jail sentence is 180 days and the interlock is installed for 1-3 years after restoration of license as well as the entire 10 year suspension period.
If you are operating a vehicle while suspended for DUI/DWI you are subject to an additional 1-2 year loss of license, $1250 in fines and costs and a jail term of 10-90 days. Also driving while in possession of drugs results in a 2 year loss of license and fines.
The Morris County Chief’s Association, Morristown, Teaneck, Newark, Orange, South Orange, Union City, Elmwood Park, Irvington, East Orange, Hopatcong, Parsippany have all set up sobriety checkpoints or publicized programs to crack down on DUI within the last few months. A DUI in Morris, Essex, Bergen, Passaic, Hudson, Sussex or Warren County will be taken seriously by the court and should be taken seriously by you.
If you are charged with DUI/DWI or drugs in a motor vehicle, there are challenges a lawyer well versed in DUI/DWI matters in NJ can make to the charges. The best policy is not to drive under the influence but if you do and you are caught you should seek legal counsel immediately to protect your rights and freedom. For more information on DUI/DWI in NJ visit HeatherDarlingLawyer.com.


  1. James Black
    March 2, 2012

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    August 30, 2012

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