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What Happens If Your Pet Outlives You?

Statistics show that most pets end up in shelters shortly after their owners pass on or suffer life altering medical issues like stroke, cancer or Parkinson’s.  Many pets that end up in shelters this way are not adopted due to their age.  After giving you years of love and companionship your pet does not deserve to spend their final days in a shelter, neglected, ignored by adopters seeking a young pet or euthanized because he or she is not adopted.  Right now you make sure your pet has everything they need to enjoy a happy and healthy life but what would happen to them if you were no longer around?

Ensuring Your Companion Receives The Love And Care They Need

It is dangerous to assume that family members or friends will take care of your pet if you become permanently incapacitated or pass on.  While family members and friends may be interested in assets and items that preserve special memories they cannot always be counted on to care for your beloved pets making it critical that you plan ahead.  Family members or friends may have children, allergies, financial difficulties, health issues, incompatible pets or other reasons they cannot care for your pet even if they originally agreed to do so.  With careful planning, you can ensure that your pet continues to enjoy the same veterinarian, medication, food, exercise, treats and luxuries they did when you were here to care for them.  It is critical to ensure that a trusted individual will oversee your pet’s future care.

A Pet Trust Can Give You Peace Of Mind

A Pet Trust is a legally binding document that allows you to provide specific instructions about your pet’s future care and to set aside the funds required to ensure your wishes will be carried out and your pet will not become another statistic.

How A Pet Trust Works

Pet trusts allow you to name independent trustees to ensure your pet’s caretaker is abiding by your wishes, giving you added peace of mind that your pet is safe and happy.  The trust can be funded under your Will which means that you do not have to segregate funds now that you may need.  Upon your death, the amount of funds you indicate will be placed in trust with your trustee who can disburse them to your pet’s designated caregivers as needed.  You can require that the caretaker provides proof of all expenses to the trustee and you can even require the trustee to visit your pet on an occasional basis to ensure it is being properly cared for by the caretaker or entity to which you entrust your companion.  Typically the trust will terminate upon the death of your pet and the remaining funds will be distributed by the trustee according to your wishes.

Good Intentions Are Not Enough

Although you want the best for your companion, failing to prepare a legally binding plan will not ensure their proper care.  Statistics show that up to 500,000 pets per year end up in animal shelters after their owners die or become incapacitated.  Take action now to ensure this does not happen to your pet.  At The Darling Law Firm, our attorneys are experienced in pet trusts and will help you ensure your pet receives the care and attention they deserve.

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