Uncontested Divorce

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The divorce process is emotional but it can be much less difficult if the parties mutually acknowledge that the relationship is over and negotiate the winding up of their own affairs. If both parties can agree to the same division the process can be much less emotionally draining than a long court battle, less costly for the parties and will be over quickly so that the parties can move on with their lives.
New Jersey offers a “no-fault” divorce provision called Irreconcilable Differences. This permits you to terminate your relationship without fault or blame. The parties can divorce without discussing in Court the issues which led to the dissolution and without a trial as to whether such issues occurred.
The experienced family law attorneys at The Darling Law Firm are available and ready to guide you through the divorce process. We will meet with you to discuss your matter and inform you about the process, your options and alternatives so that you can make an informed decision.
Beginning the Divorce Process
A Divorce is started with a Complaint filed in the Court. There are other documents required to be filed with the Complaint, even in an uncontested divorce. Some parties are comfortable preparing and filing their own documents but clients are uncomfortable preparing and filing legal documents on their own. Even in an uncontested divorce, it is wise to have an experienced matrimonial attorney at your side to advise you of your rights and guide you through the process.
Property Settlement Agreement/Matrimonial Settlement Agreement
In order to complete the divorce, the Court will need to affirm that the parties have considered all assets and debts and agreed to what both spouses believe to be a fair distribution given the circumstances. Custody and Visitation/Parenting Time will also be included in the Agreement. Even in an uncontested divorce, the Court makes every effort to determine that one spouse has not been bullied into giving up too much and left destitute as a result of the divorce.
The most effective way to ensure that all assets and debts are considered is to make a decision regarding their division and then consult an experienced divorce attorney to prepare a legal document detailing the division of assets as you wish. By having an attorney prepare this document, you will be assured that all issues have been covered and the document will be legally binding.
In some cases, the parties come close to an agreement but there are issues as to certain assets, alimony/spousal support, and custody or parenting time/visitation. An experienced family lawyer can help by telling you what a Judge would likely decide in regard to these issues so you know whether you are fighting for something realistic. Having long participated in Family Law and mediation in the New Jersey Courts, the attorneys at The Darling Law Firm can guide you reach a resolution that is right for you.
Court Appearances
If a divorce is uncontested, the parties will have only one Court appearance. At that appearance the divorce will be “put through.” This means that the parties will appear in Court before the Judge where they will be asked a series of questions regarding their intent to divorce and the division of custody, parenting time and visitation and their assets. If you are uncomfortable with the idea of appearing in Court alone, we will stand by your side in Court and answer many of the Judges questions for you so that you can relax and feel comfortable.
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