High Net-Worth Divorce

Morristown, NJ high net-worth divorce attorneys who understand that your divorce is not like everyone else's

High Net Worth Divorce Attorneys Northern, NJ

At The Darling law Firm we recognize the special issues involved in high net-worth divorces and have the legal and financial knowledge to be well-positioned to guide you through the process and help you get the outcome you deserve.  Our background in the financial industry helps us to quickly identify subtle and critical information necessary to obtain your desired outcome.

High net-worth divorces can be especially complex and difficult issues must be addressed to achieve a fair result.  We proceed efficiently and effectively to insure your assets are not over-utilized for attorneys fees.  The preparation required to thoroughly examine and provide the court with a detailed accounting of real estate and business holdings, off-shore accounts and earnings can be extensive.  We, along with our affiliated forensic  experts, are prepared to provide these services in a thorough but cost effective manner.

The Statutory Boundaries in New Jersey

Property division must be fair but it is not necessary that it be equal.  This gives parties and their attorneys substantial opportunity to craft solutions best suited for your individual situation.

Division of a Family Business

Issues such as ownership or origin of the business as between the spouses, contributions of each to the business, contributions of marital assets to fund the business, current and future value of the business, the ability, or inability, of both spouses to work within the business following divorce, buyout provisions, other business partners and a host of other factors including the actual earnings of the business owner will need to be managed.

Source of Marital Assets

The law recognizes a difference, for the purposes of equitable distribution, in how assets were acquired and their intended uses.  For example, a residence acquired in contemplation of marriage is largely seen as a marital asset but a residence owned by one party long before the marriage is not.  A general rule is that assets acquired or increasing in value during the marriage are subject to equitable distribution.  The identification of individual and separate assets in a high net-worth divorce requires detailed review of financial information.  We have relationships with forensic experts and accountants to assist our clients in this situation.

Pre-nuptial Agreements

If you entered into a pre-nuptial agreement before marriage we will thoroughly review this agreement  in order to determine its impact on the final resolution of your matter.

Consult With Counsel Prior to a Divorce Filing

In a high asset, or high earning, divorce situation, it is critical that you obtain advice as early in the process as possible in order to identify strategies that will help you retain as large a percentage of your assets as the law allows.

Helping Clients Throughout Northern NJ

In order to serve clients throughout Northern New Jersey we have offices in Morris County and Bergen County, New Jersey.  We serve clients in Morris, Sussex, Warren,  Bergen, Passaic Union, Hudson and Essex Counties.  The Darling Law Firm is your Northern, NJ high net-worth divorce law firm.


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