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Child Support is available to divorcing or separated parents, divorced parents, unmarried parents, parties to domestic partnerships and civil unions alike. DNA Paternity testing can also be a pre-requisite to paternity testing.

At The Darling Law Firm we have experience with hourly workers with W-2 statements proving their income as well as small business owners who may receive income which goes unreported but is available for child support.

Custodial parents often have concerns regarding the ability to support their children without the other party present and non-custodial parents need assurance that what they are paying for support of their children is appropriate. We make sure child support is fair and reasonable given the parties circumstances.


New Jersey Child Support Guidelines

Child Support in New Jersey is based primarily on the income of each parent and the number of overnights each year the children spend with each parent. The number of children, children from other relationships, day care, health insurance and educational expenses also impact the child support amount. Every three years you may request a review of your child support without any showing of changed circumstances. If you are seeking an award based on changed circumstances you have the burden of proving a substantial, justified and long-term change has occurred. A child going away to college also may result in a reduction in child support.


Typical Child Support Scenarios We Address:

  • 2 wage earners with W-2 statements
  • 1 W-2 earner and 1 small business owner
  • 1 W-2 wage earner and a homemaker
  • 1 small business owner and a homemaker
  • 1 voluntarily unemployed or underemployed payor


Establishment or Modification of Child Support

Child Support matters are brought before the court at varying times and for varying reasons including establishing initial child support, upward modification or downward modification based on change of circumstances of either party, cost of living increases and emancipation events. At Heather J. Darling, Esq. we are able to explain whether you are eligible for an increase or decrease, whether the court will likely find substantial change of circumstances on your part or the other parties and how we will be able to help you achieve the best scenario for yourself and your children.


Enforcement of Child Support Orders

If you are entitled to child support but the obligor is not paying, we can help you by obtaining an Order for payment through Probation, wage garnishment, social security garnishment and even levy against the obligor’s assets.


Termination of Child Support Upon Emancipation

Child Support is not usually subject to termination unless the child is emancipated. In order to insure child support arrears will not be sought, when any emancipation event is about to occur, the payor spouse should begin to seek a court order of emancipation to formally terminate the child support obligation. Emancipation occurs upon the first of the following:

  • Attains the age of 18, graduates from high school after regular matriculation and obtains full-time employment rather than seeking college or other education;
  • Enters the military;
  • Marries;
  • Graduates from college or other higher education; or
  • Dies before any of the events above has occurred.


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