Resisting Arrest

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Resisting Arrest

Under New Jersey law it is illegal for individuals to resist arrest even if the individuals believe the arrest to be under false pretenses or against their rights.  Resisting charges often stem from communication issues, intoxication and mental health issues in which the individual being arrested does not fully understand officers or officers feel threatened by the behavior of individuals in a temporarily altered mental state.

Consequences of Resisting Arrest

Under the Resisting Arrest statute, N.J.S.A. 2C:29-2a, resisting is a disorderly persons offense if an individual attempts to prevent their own arrest or the arrest of another; a fourth degree offense if an individual flees to prevent their own arrest or the arrest of another; and a third degree offense if an individual uses or threatens physical force or violence against a police officer or others or attempts to create substantial risk of physical injury to police officers or others in order to avoid their own arrest or the arrest of another.  Resisting arrest is considered a violent offense against police officers and is harshly prosecuted.  Resisting arrest subjects individuals to jail or prison time of up to 5 years for third degree, 18 months for fourth degree and 6 months for a disorderly persons offense.

The Darling Law Firm Can Help

If you are facing charges for resisting arrest, the criminal defense attorneys at The Darling Law Firm are prepared to fight to protect your rights.  Our experienced attorneys know that your best defense often lies within the nature of the events resulting in the charges and often obtain a dismissal of resisting charges.  If the facts or evidence do not support a dismissal, our attorneys will obtain the best resolution possible in your matter including downgraded charges, pre-trial intervention or other lesser penalties which may be removed from your record later by expungement.

In order to serve clients throughout Northern New Jersey we have offices in Morris County and Bergen County, New Jersey.  We serve clients in Morris, Sussex, Warren,  Bergen, Passaic Union, Hudson and Essex Counties.  The Darling Law Firm is your resisting arrest defense firm.

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