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Driving Under the Influence of Drugs (DUID) in New Jersey carries serious penalties including loss of license for 2 years if any amount of drugs are found in the motor vehicle in addition to what was ingested.  You need have an experienced DUI Defense attorney at your side.  Your driver’s license represents your freedom, your ability to work and provide for yourself or your family.  At The Darling Law Firm we take your matter as seriously as you do.

We Can Help You Defend Driving Under the Influence of Drug Charges

  • Did the police have probable cause to stop your vehicle?
  • Were there sober passengers who will testify that your driving was not impaired?
  • If the vehicle was searched:
    • Was the search constitutionally valid?
    • Was any evidence properly collected?
    • Who handled the evidence between the collection and the lab test?


Do Not Assume the State Had the Evidence Needed to Prove Your Guilt

We will immediately obtain the evidence the police intend to use against you and begin building your defense.  Whenever possible we seek a dismissal of all charges based on challenges to your ability to operate the vehicle, the stop, tests and seizure of evidence to be used against you.


Blood and/or Urine Samples Cannot be Forced

Unlike breath samples, which must be provided or you will be charged with refusal with an automatic license suspension resulting, you cannot be forced to give blood or urine samples.  A police officer may not mislead you into believing you will be charged with a refusal for failure to provide a Blood and/or urine sample, nor may a police officer forcibly extract blood from you.


Resolving DUI Drug Charges Throughout Northern NJ

In order to serve clients throughout Northern New Jersey we have offices in Morris County and Bergen County, New Jersey.  We serve clients in Morris, Sussex, Warren, Bergen, Pasaic Union, Hudson and Essex Counties.

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