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When A Loved One Needs Bail

If someone you know has been arrested and is being detained on the charges, the first thing they are worried about is when they will get out.  In order to have your friend or family member released, you may post bail or find them a surety to post bail on their behalf.  By posting bail, the person is able to go home to their family, meet with an attorney to begin preparing a defense or go to work to earn money for fines and fees.  Bail can be made in more than one way and the lower it is, the easier it is made.

We Are Available To Assist You Immediately

The last thing your loved one wants to do is remain in jail.  There are factors a judge must follow when setting bail and the amount is to be no greater than that required to achieve the purpose of insuring the appearance of the accused to face the charges against them.

At The Darling Law Firm, we understand how hard it is for someone to remain in jail.  If you choose us to help your friend or family member, we will immediately travel to the police station or jail to help them.  We will file a bail motion immediately in order to reduce bail as soon as possible.  Before the bail reduction motion is heard by the court, we also contact the prosecutor and attempt to obtain consent to the bail reduction prior to the hearing.

You can contact us 24 hours a day for assistance.

The Price Of A Motion To Reduce Bail

Often the fee you pay to have the bail reduced is less than the penalties you would pay to borrow funds from your investments or the fee you would pay a bail bondsman for their services.  Often we can reduce the bail amount substantially and obtain a “10% option” meaning you will only have to raise 10% of the reduced amount to free your loved one from the humiliation of being in jail.  Your natural inclination to find the money by any means possible, including a bail bondsman, may be an extremely costly mistake.

Why You Need A Lawyer

The prosecution will nearly always make efforts to frame the accused as a flight risk in an effort to maintain the bail at the highest level possible.  The prosecution has a vested interest in keeping the bail as high as possible in order to keep your friend or family member in jail until their matter is resolved.  If your loved one is in jail, they will be less able to communicate with their lawyer and assist in their own defense, more likely to plea to the charges against them just to get out even if they are innocent or they could have received an acquittal or a much lower sentence if they fought the charges.

We Will Fight For Bail Reduction In The Following Matters

Reduction Of Bail Throughout Northern NJ

In order to serve clients throughout Northern New Jersey we have offices in Morris County and Bergen County, New Jersey.  We serve clients in Morris, Sussex, Warren,  Bergen, Passaic Union, Hudson and Essex Counties.  The Darling Law Firm is your bail reduction law firm.

For immediate help reducing bail, call 973-584-6200 now or click here to e-mail us.  You can reach our office 24 hours a day and we will go to the police station or court immediately for you.

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