Roxbury, NJ attorneys protecting clients from assault charges in Morris, Warren, Sussex, Passaic, Union, Bergen and Essex counties.

Domestic violence, bar fights, road rage incidents, fighting in school, fights at sporting events and other common situations may lead to assault charges.  Assault allegations, either with or without cause, occur frequently and often privately leading to “he said/she said” situations.  Self-defense is often the underlying basis of assault allegations and cases are difficult to prove depending on the circumstances.  If you are facing assault charges, it is critical that you have the experienced attorneys of The Darling Law Firm on your side.  We employ strategic, aggressive advocacy to protect our clients accused of assault and have defended hundreds of clients facing assault charges stemming from domestic violence and other altercations.

If you have been accused of assault, you should not just agree to take blame and plead to charges against you.  We will fully investigate the statements in the police reports, all statements by the other party and your statement.  We will look for the discrepancies in an effort to find indications that the other individual fabricated their statement.  Once we have a full understanding and clear picture of how the incident started and what actually happened, we will fight hard at trial for your acquittal and keep these charges off your record.

Sometimes the assault allegations against our clients are true.  At The Darling Law Firm we frequently represent good people who exercised poor judgment and often felt provoked into the choices they made.  We know that things happen in life that do not always reflect your true or best behavior.  Often the party who loses a fight and claims assault is the individual who began the altercation.  If we agree to take your case, we immediately begin to prepare an aggressive defense to combat the case the prosecution has already begun to prepare against you.  We will meet with you to obtain the facts, speak with any witnesses you may provide and investigate potential alibis.  We also obtain the police reports, the names of any witnesses the prosecution has and all evidence they intend to use against you.

We have a solid record of obtaining dismissals for many of our clients accused of simple assault or domestic violence.  If possible, we seek to have the case against you dismissed either because the prosecution lacks evidence and they cannot prove their case against you or because we can prove you were acting in self-defense and the accuser was the aggressor.  If it is not possible to have the charges against you dismissed, we make every effort to pursue entry into a diversionary program such as Pre-Trial Intervention (PTI) or anger management as an alternative to any period of incarceration you may face.

Trust our experience in the following assault matters:

  • Assault
  • Battery
  • Domestic Violence
  • Self-defense
  • Schoolyard fights
  • Bar fights
  • Sporting events
  • Parking lot assaults

​We understand the overwhelming stress you are experiencing if you are facing assault charges.  We know that if you are convicted of assault you face jail, a criminal record and the stigma associated with it, lost career and educational opportunities, the loss of professional licenses and substantial financial penalties and losses.  We will aggressively defend you and, if there is no way to obtain a dismissal early in the case, or diversionary program we will fight hard at trial.  If you have been charged with assault, call The Darling Law Firm now at 973-584-6200 or use the contact form below to begin working with tough attorneys who have the experience you need to protect you.