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New Jersey Artist Management Agreement Lawyers

The artist-management relationship is critical to the success of both parties and cannot be taken lightly.  The Artist Management Agreement will dictate the length of your relationship, the responsibilities of each party, the way payments are made, what tasks Management is permitted to outsource, the minimum goals each must reach in order to obtain payments, and so much more.  Responsibilities must be clearly defined so that both are protected.  Because of the number of ways an artist can generate income, each aspect of the contract including performances, merchandising, endorsements and royalties must be clearly defined.

Traveling, performing, rehearsing, writing and other activities are where your interest should be focused if you are the talent and management should be handling the rest.  The Darling Law Firm, LLC will protect your interests so that you can pay attention to building your success.

Whether you are the artist or manager, the other side is seeking to profit from any deals made between you and them.  By appropriate understanding, review and clear drafting, we will prepare contracts for your protection.  We know how critical the terms of an artist management agreement can be to either party, especially in the event of a future dispute where you can be subject to penalties and wages leading to financial disaster.  We will help you understand what a contract will mean to your career and ensure you know what to expect as well as what is expected of you.  We are committed to helping artists and management work together to successfully increase success for the artist and financial gain for their team.

At The Darling Law Firm we have been successfully negotiating and drafting complex contracts and protecting the interests of individuals and groups for years.  Let us put our experience and personal skills to work for you.  If you are a success in entertainment, sports or the media you deserve a talented attorney to represent you in the promotion and utilization of your talents.  Whether you are an artist or manager, let us protect your future by preparing an artist management agreement that protects your interests.


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