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When starting a business the parties involved are most often in agreement when it comes to operations, finances, and other important start-up business issues. But, as time goes by, the business takes on a direction, decisions never contemplated need to be made and different ideas are presented.  As the challenges associated with growth begin to strain the business, disagreements among partners and shareholders become one of the biggest threats to the stability of a business.

Warning Signs

Shareholder disputes are likely to occur when any of the following issues arise:

  • Self-dealing by a principal
  • Minority shareholders disagree with majority shareholders
  • A principal seeks to leave or is pushed out of the business
  • Inability for principals to reach or execute critical business decisions
  • Lack of performance of contractual obligations by a principal
  • Misconduct by principals or management while acting in a business capacity
  • Failure to make financial distributions to shareholders
  • Divorce of two married principals or shareholders
  • Divorce of a principal whose spouse seeks a percentage of the assets or partial control of the business

Efficient and Effective Resolution

At The Darling Law Firm, we encourage our clients to resolve disputes efficiently and fairly.  Often by bringing all parties together, with counsel, an agreement can be reached so that the affairs of the business are not disrupted by litigation.  The Darling Law Firm offers skilled and effective mediation techniques which can effectively achieve this outcome.

When Litigation Is Unavoidable

In spite of the best efforts of the parties and their lawyers, there are times that a resolution cannot be reached without court intervention. The Darling Law Firm is prepared to litigate your matter aggressively.  Litigation is a battle and not to be undertaken lightly.  We have the knowledge and skill to represent you effectively with carefully planned strategies designed to achieve the outcome you desire.

Handling Shareholder Disputes Throughout Northern NJ

We serve businesses in Morris, Sussex, Warren, Bergen, Passaic, Union, Hudson and Essex Counties.  The Darling Law Firm is your Northern NJ shareholder dispute law firm.

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