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Business Consultant Attorneys working to integrate and align change with your overall business strategy, goals and objectives to achieve growth and sustained momentum in Morris and Bergen County, NJ and Bucks County, PA

Business Consulting in New Jersey, New York & Pennsylvania

Keeping Your Business Competitive In Today’s Market

Many businesses do not routinely need the services of attorneys and all businesses are forced to be cost conscious in order to stay competitive in today’s markets.  Unfortunately, business owners often find themselves involved in money losing situations which they could have easily avoided with the guidance of legal counsel.

Whether issues arise with acquisition of other businesses, sale of assets or segments of your businesss, contracts with suppliers or customers, employment agreements, the sale or transfer of the business and the myriad other issues which arise in the daily life of a business The Darling Law Firm will protect you.  We offer benefits similar to having in-house counsel without the substantial cost.  We are also able to work with your existing in-house counsel on an as-needed basis.

Why The Darling Law Firm Is The Right Choice For Your Business Needs

We do not limit our services only to the review of contracts and litigation.  We know the common pitfalls in daily operations from both a legal and business standpoint and are adept at spotting uncommon pitfalls you may not be aware of.  Because we are distanced from your daily operations, we are not blinded by daily issues and can help you see the bigger picture.  We realize we are not hired to simply say “yes” and we give you the hard facts before you find yourself facing tough problems.  Once you being working with us, we immediately take steps to become familiar with your organization so that, should issues arise, we can hit the ground running rather than waste time learning about operations when everyone’s resources are better focused on the problem at hand.

Managing partner Heather J. Darling earned her business degree from the elite New York University Stern School of Business prior to proceeding to law school.  Ms. Darling has personally started, and maintains, other businesses outside the practice of law.  The same experience, knowledge and skill Heather J. Darling has utilized to start, build and transfer her own business interests will be applied in offering guidance to you.  We want you to achieve exceptional results.  The Darling Law Firm also has a network of individuals we work with in various professions should you need assistance in the implementation of changes that we identify as beneficial to you and your business.

How We Partner With Your Business To Protect You

Our program involves an annual strategic engagement with your business wherein we review operations, facilities, suppliers, and customers.  We look at your goals and strategic planning and show you where your business is exposed to losses or missing opportunities.  Because we understand the budgetary constraints involved in today’s markets we offer both entry level and comprehensive plans to fit the needs of your business.

Employee Legal Benefits Are Our Free Gift To You

Also, as we know employee benefits are critical to retaining key employees so when we are retained by your business we offer your employees and their families a discounted rate on select legal services at no additional cost to you.

How You Can Begin Protecting Yourself And Your Business Now

We have offices in Morris County, New Jersey and Bucks County, Pennsylvania to assist our clients in New York, New Jersey and Pennsylvania.

For more information about our programs or to begin protecting your business immediately call 973-584-6200 to schedule a consultation or click here to e-mail us.