Business Law

Our Business Is Protecting Your Business

Successful business owners know that strategic planning, risk management and informed decision making are all critical components in building and operating a successful enterprise.  We are as dedicated to your business as you are and we stake our reputation on it every day.  The Darling Law Firm offers specialized legal services for all businesses from foreign corporations doing business in the U.S. to sole proprietors in need of assistance.  Your business is our business.

The Darling Law Firm offers valuable assistance to our clients at every stage of the business cycle from formation to sale or transfer.  We counsel our clients regarding the value and terms of all major corporate actions and transactions to ensure success and growth within their market.  While you may be in a local market, we look at both local and global conditions which may affect your choices and plans.  Our goal is to ensure you the best possible chance of future success.

Whether you are structuring a deal among owners, acquiring talent, acquiring or merging with another entity or involved in litigation with another entity we will assist you in evaluating the situation, resolving it beneficially and crafting deals which are beneficial in building your business.  More mature businesses with an established market niche may require standardized agreements with current customers and vendors to set forth the rights and obligations of your relationships.  We assist our clients in structuring deals for institutional and private funding.  Our attorneys work with your accountants and other advisors.  For start-ups we are able to introduce you to trusted accountants, technology providers and others to help your business best position to take advantage of all opportunities.  We practice preventative law by working with clients on key decisions in order to identify ambiguous language, areas of potential disagreement and think through the consequences of decisions to best avoid future litigation.

From the day we begin working with you, whether your business is a start-up or ongoing concern, we take a broader and more involved approach than typical business attorneys.  When working with us you will always have a plan with measurable goals and accountability to ensure your business is moving in the direction you have chosen.

If you own a smaller business with a defined lifespan, will review your exit strategy or prepare one with you if you do not already have one in place.We help owners and key employees retire and move on to other opportunities without disrupting the business.  We work with you to identify successor management , structure a sale to employees or another entity, create deferred compensation plans and estate planning to protect your family’s financial security.

We will act as your agent for service allowing all legal issues to be directed to us ensuring that we are able to immediately begin devising a strategy to protect your business.  We recognize that immediacy and cost are central factors in many strategic matters.  Our preparation of minutes and resolutions of annual meetings will ensure you are in compliance with statutes and protect you in the event governing decisions are later challenged as to validity.  More than simply an attorney practicing business law, our business attorney is a successful business transaction and litigation attorney with 20 years of experience as an entrepreneur in multiple viable businesses.  With her finance and international business education from the prestigious New York University Stern School of Business, her personal experience in entrepreneurship and the practice of business/commercial law, Heather J. Darling, Esq. has the skills and knowledge you need to assist you in making informed decisions that support the development and profitability of your business.  Even if you do not have the budget for a full-time legal staff, you deserve premium legal services that give you the same edge as businesses with full-time legal departments.  We are also adept at working with your in-house legal department to facilitate any additional needs you may have at any given time.

Where We Provide Value


-Entity Selection


-Owner/Shareholder Disputes

-Buy/Sell and Operating Agreements

-Supplier/Customer Contracts

-Sale/Dissolution/Succession Planning


-Lease/Buy/Sell Property and Equipment


Our client-driven approach offers practical and effective business services that bring value to any organization.  As soon as we are retained as your legal counsel, we immediately review your business including dealers, customers, processes and documents so that we can find hidden value, identify potential problems and nimbly respond to any future challenges the business may be facing.  We craft customized fee structures depending on your business needs.  Our services are designed to develop, protect and promote your business.

We invite you to contact us at 973-584-6200to schedule a consultation click here to e-mail us and explore how The Darling Law Firm will assist you in meeting your goals by keeping your future profits and success at the forefront of every decision.