Bankruptcy Offers Protection From Harassing Creditors

Bankruptcy Offers Protection From Harassing Creditors

It is very easy for a person who faces some misfortune to fall behind on their debts whether they have lost their job, have gone through a divorce, became seriously ill or injured, or have fallen on hard times for any number of reasons. Despite a person’s change in circumstances, their debt is fixed and creditors can be merciless in their attempts to have their clients repay them. Receiving constant phone calls, letters in the mail, and court notices from creditors can become oppressive and put a serious strain on person’s life. If an individual does not have enough money to satisfy all his creditors and is stuck beneath crushing debt, bankruptcy is an option which can provide relief from harassing creditors and can offer them a fresh start to regain control of their life. One way filing for bankruptcy can provide much needed relief for a person being harassed by creditors is through what is known as the “automatic stay” provision. This bankruptcy provision prevents creditors from taking any collection actions against a person who has filed for bankruptcy while their bankruptcy matter is pending. This provides someone who has filed for bankruptcy much needed peace of mind and relief while they begin the process of getting back on their feet. If you are considering filing for bankruptcy you will be addressing many issues concerning how to resolve your debt with creditors and should consult with an experienced bankruptcy attorney immediately in order to protect your rights. For more information regarding obtaining relief from harassing creditors or other bankruptcy, consumer debt or foreclosure matters in New Jersey visit TheNJBankruptcyAttorney.com. This blog is for information purposes only and in no way is intended to replace the advice of an attorney regarding your specific matter.

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  1. Layne Adams
    February 18, 2013

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