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Alimony Reform Gets Legislature’s Final Approval

This month, a comprehensive alimony reform proposed law completed its progression through the New Jersey legislature with unanimous support from the State Assembly. The combined bill, A-845/971/1649 received legislative approval from the State Senate following a 30-2 vote in favor….

Alimony During Separation

Many people living in New Jersey, who may be deciding whether or not to initiate divorce proceedings against their spouse, might be wondering about issues that arise between separation and the time the divorce is final such as spousal support…

Life Insurance Proceeds After Divorce

When going through the divorce process, the spouses may come to an agreement regarding support for a dependent spouse and/or a dependent child or children. A subsequent issue that has to be addressed is how to ensure the dependent spouse…

No Alimony to Embezzling Spouse in NJ

When a spouse commits “extraordinary, flagrant economic misconduct during the marriage” the court may deny her any further economic relief in the event of a divorce according the New Jersey Appellate Division’s findings in Clark v. Clark. In Clark, the…

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