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Will Your Spouse Pay Your Divorce Costs?

Friedrich v. Friedrich was a post-judgment divorce action, wherein Defendant wife’s attorney sought counsel fees against the Plaintiff for outstanding legal fees over and above the $20,000 in counsel fees the Plaintiff had been ordered to pay pendente lite. In…

Divorce Follows Rape Conviction

In Watley v. Watley, Louis Watley appealed the court’s decision in a divorce case centered largely on witness credibility. In 1998, Louis Watley, then age 55, married a 19 year-old woman he met in the Philippines. In question was whether…

Divorcing With A Small Business

Business partner disputes can become so contentious as to lead to dissolution of the business or expulsion of a partner, and things can become even more complicated in the event the business partners are divorcing spouses. Many small businesses are…

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