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Will Your Spouse Pay Your Divorce Costs?

Friedrich v. Friedrich was a post-judgment divorce action, wherein Defendant wife’s attorney sought counsel fees against the Plaintiff for outstanding legal fees over and above the $20,000 in counsel fees the Plaintiff had been ordered to pay pendente lite. In…

Pendente Lite Support Pending Divorce

Pendente lite support is temporary support, established during the pendency of a divorce, intended to preserve the financial status quo, or marital standard, of the parties until equitable distribution and alimony are resolved, between the parties or by a judge,…

Child Support Modification Denied

In Markey v. Melazzo, the Defendant appealed from a 2013 Family Court Order that denied his Motion to terminate his child support obligation and force a recalculation of his arrearage. The Appellate Division affirmed the ruling of the Family Court….

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