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How A DYFS Investigation Begins

A DYFS investigation may be initiated as a result of simple allegations or actual incidents of drug abuse, a doctor's or teacher's report, police involvement for issues such as driving under the influence with children in the car. An anonymous report or unfounded allegations by the other parent may also result in a DYFS investigation. These are only some of the ways a DYFS investigation may begin.

DYFS defense cases are highly specialized making it critical to use an attorney who has significant experience fighting DYFS cases. At The Law Offices of Heather J. Darling, we have the experience you need when your parental rights are at stake.

What Happens When DYFS Investigates?

Once a DYFS investigation occurs, there are a few possibilities:

1) No action is taken

2) Care and supervision — Allows the children to remain in the home with DYFS supervision or restrictions such as drug testing or psychological evaluations

3) Removal

What Should You Do if Your Children Are Removed by DYFS?

Immediately seek a Roxbury attorney experienced in DYFS matters. Also, seek relatives or friends who are able to care for your children until the issue is resolved. It is critical that you choose temporary caregivers who have no criminal history, homes fit for children and no prior DYFS history.

Emergency Removal

In the most serious cases, emergency removal may occur before the matter is heard by a judge. DYFS will request a "DODD" hearing, with a Law Guardian appointed to represent your children, for the court to affirm the removal.

What Happens if Your Children Are Removed?

If DYFS cannot prove beyond a preponderance of the evidence that there is adequate need for removal or intervention, the case should be dismissed. If DYFS does prove the need for intervention beyond a preponderance of the evidence, the case will continue until there is either a reunification of the children with the parent or a termination of parental rights. In cases where the children are placed with a relative or close friend, there may be a "kinship legal guardianship."

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In order to serve clients throughout Northern New Jersey, our Morris County child abuse lawyers have offices in Morris County and Bergen County. We also serve clients in Sussex, Warren, Passaic, Union, Hudson and Essex counties.

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