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Burden of Proof for Alimony Modification

Lepis v. Lepis was decided by the NJ Supreme Court in 1980 and set the standard those seeking alimony modification must meet prior to the court ordering discovery, financial disclosure and a plenary hearing. According to Lepis, the moving party…

Parental Rights for the Incarcerated

Those serving life sentences for crimes including murder may still have the right to visitation with their children. In Fusco v. Fusco, 452 A.2d 681 (1982), the NJ Appellate Division held that incarceration of a parent does not result in…

NJ Governor Signs In New Gun Control Laws

Last Thursday New Jersey Governor Chris Christie signed ten bills looking to strengthen gun control and upgrade penalties for those who are arrested for unlawful gun possession throughout the state. These gun control measures were introduced in the state senate…

Emancipation Is Presumption At Age 18

Emancipation of a minor is triggered by age or certain events. In 2012, a father made a motion to emancipate his 2 daughters, modify support accordingly and terminate his alimony obligation. The daughters turned 18 in 2002 and 2008 respectively….

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