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Undoing an Emancipation in NJ

In New Jersey, an emancipation may be reversed on certain grounds. One is a previously emancipated child becoming seriously disabled prior to attaining the age of majority. Another, discussed here, is a child returning to college on a full-time basis….

Lack of Fairness for NJ Fathers

In a recent case, DYFS failed to make a finding of abuse and neglect against a mother who left children with relatives for 3 days, had 2 positive marijuana screens within a week and was temporarily homeless. Although termination of…

Changes in NJ Manslaughter Penalties

The Assembly Judiciary Committee has approved changes in the penalty for “heat of passion” manslaughter. If this bill becomes a law, homicide in the heat of passion would be upgraded from a second-degree offense to a first-degree offense. Although the…

Texting and Driving in New Jersey

On June 28, 2012, the New Jersey Legislature approval to a bill which permits full prosecution of drivers who drive recklessly and cause serious harm or death while texting. The only thing standing between this remaining legislation and becoming law…