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Paternity and Rights to Parent in NJ

There is a presumption of paternity afforded to a man whose wife has a child during the parties marriage, even if the woman is artificially inseminated medically with the sperm of another donor in order to conceive. This presumption may…

Racial Profiling in NJ Criminal Arrests

In State v. Boyd, a man convicted of drug charges sought the arresting officer’s personnel records following a traffic stop for which he felt racial profiling was the basis. Boyd was pulled over in Sussex County, New Jersey on Route…

NJ Drug Court Pleas

The Drug Court program in New Jersey, a diversionary program for defendants facing charges for heroin, cocaine, Escasty, methamphetamines, xanax, vicodin, percoset, percodon, fentanyl, adderall, nembutal, ritalin, dexedrine, valium, suboxone, diazepam, roxycontin, oxycottin and other addictive substances to receive help…

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