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Cohabitation and Alimony Termination in NJ

In Clayton v. Clayton, the New Jersey Court recently held that in considering an application to reduce or terminate spousal support the Judge must make specific findings 1) that cohabitation exists and 2) that the financial support received from the…

NJ Megan’s Law Pleas

The effects of a plea guilty plea to sex offenses in New Jersey are serious and include a damaging criminal record and lifetime registry on the sex offender list, no matter what degree of charges or length of sentence result….

Prescription Drug Abuse in NJ

New Jersey’s new Attorney General has made it his mission to target prescription drug abuse. Two new units are being created to focus on prescription drug abuse, the Drug Division and Pharmacy Inspection Section. There will now be 52 investigators…

Development of a Criminal Defense in NJ

The New Jersey Rules of Criminal Procedure require automatic presentation, by the prosecutor to the defendant, of all information which would afford the defendant opportunity to present a complete defense. This information includes police reports, recordings of interviews with informants,…